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The Bellevue

12 Bellevue Rd Bellevue



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The Bellevue was a 12 apartment development located in Bellevue WA.

Campaign was engaged after the development had begun the building stage and we were engaged to sell the apartments.

We developed a mini-brand "The Bellevue" and began at the "Let's get buyers" stage.

A total sell out was achieved within 2 months with an above average median sell price of $310,000.

115 Calais Rd

115A & B Calais Rd Wembley Downs



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Calais Rd is a "mum and dad" development project.

Campaign was engaged to consultant on the right approach to market the property and began a highly targeted sales campaign to find the ideal buyer "downsizers looking to remain within 5 kms of their current home."

This was achieved by utilising a Facebook campaign and resulted in several offers from City Beach and Floreat residents looking to downsize with a life amenity.

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